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Pokemon Episode 11 A HOME FOR DWEBBLE! HINDI/URDU Full ᴴᴰ "A Home for Dwebble" (Ishizumai! Take Back Your Home!!)"Ishizumai! Jibun no Ie o Torimodose!!" (イシズマイ!自分の家をとりもどせ!!) While on their way to Nacrene City, Axew notices a strange Pokémon that Cilan reveals is the Rock Hermit Pokémon Dwebble. The Dwebble is making a new shell out of a rock, when it is attacked by three other Dwebble which steal its new rocky shell. Cilan sends out Pansage to help it, but it attacks Pansage in fear. Elsewhere, Team Rocket receives intel on their next heist: stealing information from a laboratory. Back at the gang's camp, Cilan convinces the Dwebble to eat with them. When Pansage becomes sick, the Dwebble watches as Cilan takes care of his Pokémon. The next day, everyone helps Dwebble find the other Dwebble that stole its shell. With Cilan's help, the Dwebble is able to get its shell back, and decides to join Cilan's team.


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