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Pokemon Episode 34 Gotta Catch A Roggenrola! HINDI/URDU Full ᴴᴰ
"Gotta Catch a Roggenrola!" (Dangoro! Fire the Luster Cannon!!)
"Dangoro! Rasutā Kanon Hassha seyo!" (ダンゴロ!ラスターカノン発射せよ!!) While the gang enjoys a lunch, they are interrupted by a Roggenrola landing on their lunch table. Ash decides he wants to capture it, for the energy and spunk it has, but it manages to defeat both Oshawott and Tepig. Cilan notices a strange suction cup on the back of Roggenrola, which is knocked off in the battle. At the Pokémon Center, Ash has Oshawott and Tepig taken care of when a man named Mr. Garrason talks to Nurse Joy and informs her that the water lines seems normal, and the cause is elsewhere. Nurse Joy informs Ash and friends that the water supply has been strange since morning, and tells them that the water supply comes from a cave where Roggenrola. They say they saw a Roggenrola earlier that day, but Nurse Joy tells them that they rarely come out of the caves. Cilan says that the Roggenrola was attempting to tell them something, and also remembers the strange object on its back. Mr. Garrason says he will go to the caves to look, and Ash and his friends volunteer to follow. Elsewhere, the same Roggenrola warns several wild Pokémon about something, and inside a cave, a strange device driven by Team Rocket chases after several Roggenrola. Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Mr. Garrason enter the cave which is supposed to deliver water to the Pokémon Center to see why the Roggenrola are acting strange when they come across Team Rocket who capture the Roggenrola the gang encountered earlier to fill up the device. Ash manages to save that Roggenrola from Team Rocket, who exit the cave, but smash the cave walls, causing a cave-in. A rock falls towards Ash, but Roggenrola saves him by using Flash Cannon. As Team Rocket exits the cave, they fire an energy blast from the Roggenrola Cannon to cause a cave in at the entrance. Pansage and Excadrill use Dig to get the gang outside, where they chase down Team Rocket who try to use the Roggenrola Cannon to escape once more. They fire the cannon and Roggenrola intercepts the blast with Flash Cannon. Team Rocket fires a second time, however, the device backfires, due to the Roggenrola forcing the energy into reverse causing the machine to break down. The Roggenrola are freed, and with combined attacks from all the Roggenrola, Pikachu, and Tepig, they defeat Team Rocket's Pokémon, and destroy the machine, forcing Team Rocket to flee on jetpacks. At the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy checks on all of the Roggenrola and Tepig, revealing that they are healthy, and the one Roggenrola that Ash first saved reveals it wanted to travel with Ash from the moment they met. This time, Tepig manages to defeat Roggenrola, allowing Ash to capture his eighth Pokémon in the Unova Region.


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