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"Archeops in the Modern World!" (Fossil Revival! Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeos!!)
"Kaseki Fukkatsu! Kodai Kaichō Ākeosu!!" (化石復活!古代怪鳥アーケオス!!) Ash and the gang visit a research lab to witness Professor Juniper and Professor Fennel revive an ancient Pokémon called Archen. They begin the revival process using Fennel's Musharna which wakes up Archen. However, it is restless and begins to attack everyone. Meanwhile Team Rocket decide to steal the Archen, along with the data for constructing a restoration machine. As Archen is sleeping, the professors are pondering what having an Archen in this modern world is like. As it wakes up, it starts to destroy the lab and its crying causes an ancient plant to start growing in the lab. It starts to search for food only to discover that Cilan's Pokémon food and the food growing in trees don't taste good. Archen decides that it wants to fly, only to find out it cannot. Ash and Iris offer to help it, however Iris' Emolga starts off by using Attract, which fails and only makes Archen poke at her. She responds by using Volt Switch and switches out with Cilan's Stunfisk. After a long stare between Archen and Stunfisk, it bites Stunfisk out of curiosity and Stunfisk responds by using Discharge on it. Archen cries loudly, once again, causing the plants to grow again. Archen continues to try to fly, eventually starting to become successful, all the while releasing its cries. Eventually the plants consume the lab and begin to grow the fruit that Archen likes. It eats them and evolves into Archeops and begins to fly. After Team Rocket steals the design of the restoration device, they decide to go capture Archeops. They destroy the plants and capture Archeops in an electrically charged net. Archeops retaliates, forcing Team Rocket to retreat. At sunset, a group of Archeops arrive and the revived Archeops joins the group. The professors and the gang depart from Archeops and each other as they continue to Nimbasa City.


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