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"Reunion Battles in Nimbasa!" (Everyone Gathers! Don Battle!!)
"Zen'in Shūgō! Don Batoru!!" (全員集合!ドンバトル!!) Having arrived in Nimbasa City, Ash is excited to have his Gym battle. However, his excitement quickly fades when he finds out that he is actually in Nimbasa Town. He decides to enter the battle tournaments held in Nimbasa Town. Shortly after, Bianca comes charging, crashes into Ash, and once again, throws him in water. Luke begins filming the tournament while Bianca disrupts him in the process. As Ash decides what Pokémon to use, Burgundy shows up as well as Stephan and Georgia. Later on Trip makes his appearance. Tension immediately fills the air between the rivals. The tournament has finally begun with Don George spectating the battles. The first round is Georgia vs. Sylvester. Georgia wins the first round and moves on to the next stage. The second round is Dino vs. Omega where Dino wins. The third round is Antonio vs. Emmanuel where Antonio wins. The fourth round is Burgundy vs. Ash. Burgundy sends out Stoutland while Ash sends out Palpitoad. Things start with Stoutland overpowering Palpitoad. however, when Stoutland uses Fire Fang, Palpitoad uses Mud Shot and fires it in Stoutland's mouth letting down its guard while trying to get the mud out of its mouth. Palpitoad uses Hydro Pump to defeat Stoutland. Ash wins the round and moves on. The next round is then announced: Trip vs. Cilan.


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