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Scooby-Doo! and the Witch's Ghost HINDI/URDU Full Movie HD, Ben Ravencroft, a noted horror author UN agency Velma may be a massive fan of, assists the Mystery, Inc. gang in finding a case at a depository. mount invitations them to his town, Oakhaven, Massachusetts. after they arrive, they realize the city born-again into a tourer attraction by city manager Corey, complete with 17th-century replicas and attractions supported the alleged ghost of married woman Ravencroft, Associate in Nursing antecedent of Ben's UN agency was persecuted as a witch by the city in 1657. mount disputes this, claiming married woman to be a Wiccan UN agency used natural herbs to heal individuals and had a diary that might prove her innocence.

Scooby and Shaggy area unit hunted person by a witch and run into mount and also the gang. They realize broken tree branches at the scene Associate in Nursingd area unit drawn to an all-female Gothic band, "Hex Girls", lead by Sally "Thorn" McKnight. The gang then decides to separate up; Fred and Daphne keep to observe the Hex women, Velma Associate in Nursingd mount go explore an recent barn and Shaggy and Scooby follow the city manager. Fred and Daphne see Thorn performing some type of ritual and area unit convinced the Hex women area unit witches. Velma and mount realize a cherry-picking truck within the barn. Scooby and Shaggy follow Corey, till they encounter the witch and run away to the gang.

The gang, Ben, and also the Hex women meet within the woods. The witch seems and offers chase, however is captured by Velma. The witch is discovered to be man. McKnight, UN agency is Thorn's father. Velma locates the truck and explains that the truck's arm created the witch seem to fly, with the municipality together concerned. mount scolds everybody concerned for exploiting Sarah's sensible name. Back at Ben's house, Fred and Daphne apologize to the Hex women and Thorn explains the "ritual" was for soothing her vocal cords which she is truly half Wiccan. Corey and man. McKnight arrive to apologize to mount for victimisation his antecedent in their subject matter stunt, explaining the witch was to spice up the town's failing tourer economy which they found inspiration from exploit the pinnacle marker for Sarah's grave; they unbroken it secret simply to not upset mount. it's then recalled that Scooby found what perceived to be buckle earlier, that was really from Sarah's diary.

Everyone goes to the buckle's location, wherever Scooby discovers the buried book, that is truly a spell book. mount reveals that married woman was so a witch UN agency was confined inside her book by Wiccans. He built the encounters with the gang, as he knew they may lead him to the book. once taking the book from mount, the gang tries to escape within the Mystery Machine, however mount (with his recently nonheritable powers) renders the Mystery Machine useless by damaging its tires. mount takes back the book and at last summons married woman. He presently discovers, however, that her ambitions area unit to destroy the planet, instead of rule it aboard him.

Disillusioned, mount tries to imprison married woman, however she tells him that solely a Wiccan may defeat her. The gang launches an effort to urge the book whereas married woman begins to show pumpkins, trees, and a turkey into monsters so as to prevent them. Daphne and Velma free the Hex women and Velma convinces Thorn to use her half Wiccan ancestry to banish married woman into her imprisonment. Sarah, however, manages to tug mount in to create him suffer her fate along with her, and that they area unit each confined within the book. The book is then destroyed once a limb that caught hearth falls on and burns it. The gang and townspeople celebrate their saving with a Hex woman concert with Scooby Doo and also the gang (and the still-gigantic turkey) change of integrity in on the performance.


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