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Scooby Doo Goes Hollywood HINDI/URDU Full Movie HD, Scooby and Shaggy square measure photography an episode of their cartoon as they're running from "The cross Creature Of Creepy drop-off." when Scooby and Shaggy fall on the bottom when hunting a catapult, they begin obtaining bored with doing constant routine, and choose to become real show stars . They show the president of a network, C.J., a television program known as however Scooby Won the West, wherever law officer Scooby and Deputy Shaggy bear the cantankerous Jesse Rotten. C.J. believes the film could be a joke, and throws Shaggy and Scooby out, laughing. when the gang finds out Scooby is going away the show, they protest whereas Shaggy tells however Scooby can become famed.

At the roller-skating edifice, Shaggy is photography another pilot (Lavonne and Scooby) whereas Lavonne skates with Scooby, coming up to be a disaster with many accidents like after they accidentally crash into Shaggy whereas photography. They show another film known as Scooby Days wherever "the Scoob" meets "the Groove" in Harold's facility. C.J. suggests that Scooby return to his own show. Scooby refuses, later attempting to mingle with celebrities.

Back within the gang's room, Fred reads the newspaper in shock, creating all of them would like Scooby came back on the show. watching a theater, Scooby imagines a premiere of his 2 new movies (Super Scooby and therefore the Sound of Scooby). In Super Scooby, he saves a Lois Lane clone from a rocket heading toward massive town, solely to urge blown up himself. within the Sound of Scooby, Scooby wears a pink dress, twirls within the mountain, however as he begins to sing, he falls down a formation into a stream.

Back at the Chinese theater, Shaggy finds out that the studio is holding dog auditions to exchange Scooby's role on the show. He and Scooby go right down to see the results of the auditions. while not them knowing, it's a trick to urge Scooby back on the show all over again. C.J. hires a dog with no talent to require Scooby's role, going away Scooby and Shaggy in shock. Later, Shaggy shows C.J. a new film, Scooby and Cherie wherever Scooby could be a magician and Cherie, his assistant. succeeding film is that the Love Ship wherever Captain Scooby forgets to untie the rope from the piers, taking all the individuals thereon with the cruise. to substantiate his new career, Scooby is featured on The Jackie Carson show, oral communication he is going away his cartoon series, disconcerting his fans.

The next (and last) television program shown is Scooby's Angels wherever the Angels investigate criminal headquarters ANd Scooby lands from an airplane while not a parachute. Scooby then yells, "Rop the rameras! Rop the rameras!" during which C.J. agrees. C.J. then shows everybody outside WHO square measure singing "Scooby-Doo, we want you!". Scooby decides everybody loves him for WHO he's and agrees to travel back to his original show. when things have quieted down in C.J.'s office, Shaggy knocks on the door, showing him the tape of his own pilots like "Mork And Shaggy," "Welcome Back, Shaggy!", and "Shaggy And Hutch." Shaggy (tied up within the film reel) then chases the Mystery Machine into the sunset.


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