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In this blog, I will teach you how to earn free bitcoin with your PC (Personal Computer/Laptop). Before diving in deep lets quickly take a look at its features and the background.

Last updated: The post last updated on May 7.

i. Free for everyone.
ii. Earn with small effort.
iii. Highest bitcoin paying site.
iv. Ten levels deep referral system.
v. Low withdraw 1000 satoshi/ 0.00001000 bitcoin.
vi. Effertless income.

Backgroung of bitcoin minig
Crypto mining was very easy and profitable in the early days of crypto-currencies, You could have made several Bitcoins that worth now thousands of dollars if you started some years ago. Some of the minors even actually made Thousands of dollars with their PCs (personal computers) But with the passage of time more and more minors are involving the more it's being difficult to mine. There are hundreds of website out there offering crypto-currency mining service in the cloud. There are hardly a few of them that are profitable now. And now if someone says "you can earn thousands of satoshi every day just with your computer free (at zero cost)" you may think its a bullshit and nothing more. But you can be wrong, I can prove it because you can still earn bitcoin with you computer/laptop or mobile.
Yes, you are reading it right you can mine bitcoin even these days with your Computer and more surprisingly it's absolutely free. Yeah, free :). continue reading and I will prove it.
I'm talking about CryptoTab Browser which is based on Google Chrome and has interface almost like Chrome. But with built-in mining capability which is free for all, you can earn bitcoin daily.

How to earn with Cryptotab Browser:
So lets take a look how you can earn without any investment and hardwork here are the steps how to make it work
=> Click on the image above or here and download the CryptoTab Browser
=> After download is complete install it as you install Google Chrome.
=> Login with any of your social media account (Google/Facebook/Twitter etc.).
=> And on the lower left corner click "MAX" In the latest update this option is on top right coner approximate under the CryptoTab logo

That's it. Note: if you do not login at the time of installation click on the haze button at the top right corner and login.

> You can view your earnings at any time by clicking on its icon on the top left corner above the haze button.

Last updated: The post last updated on July 9.

Note: Your earning stats will change every 10 minutes approx.

Payment History:
Check out my payment history on CryptoTab Browser I have Withdrawan 0.00376691 Bitcoin that were about $16.417 in Dollar.

Payment proof:
As you can see above in payment history I have withdrawan 376691 Bitcoin satoshi, So this site actually pay :). Now I have about 130,419 bitcoin satoshi.
For latest stats please watch the video below.

If you need any help leave a comment and I will help you get it to work.

Refferal System:
They have an amazing referral system too. You can earn up 10 level of referral from this system.
All referral commsions CryptoTab pay form their pocket not from the earning of your referral. Level 1 => you will get 15% of anything they mine.
Level 2 => You will get 10% of the earning of referral that are invited by your referral.
Level 3 => You will get 5% of the earning of referral that are invited by referrals of your referral.
And so on till the 10 levels.

Conclusion: In short CryptoTab Browser is a legit site that pays on time and pay highest rate than all other. And also have 10 level affiliate system which makes us earn even 100s of the dollar.
If you get this blog helpful please like, comment and share :) happy earning.


  1. Legit site... good to know

  2. elegant site for earning online while we browse other stuff.

  3. Best site ever since i am earning

  4. i'm earning more than 3500 satoshi per day without referrals :) :)

  5. Wow real site, I wish I may have joined this before

  6. This is awesome it really pay highest bitcoin reward for free :-D

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  9. cryptotab browser is 100% legit paying. I use it when I am at work, home and even just plain going out. No hassle just leave the tab open and it works without you even knowing it. to download or check my youtube video for payment proof

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