review legit or scam? full analysis Earner247 Working: is an advertising network that advertises one site for one minute(60 seconds). It rewards the viewer with $0.0001 per site view and the viewer is not bound to keep the focus on the site. You just have to do is click on the "Start Mining Cash" button and the site would do the rest. You will get paid even you are away from your computer.

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Note: Please check out "Facts" section below before joining.

1. Earn money without investing / Free earning.
2. Earn without effort.
3. $0.05 for sign up.
4. Earn even you are away from your computer/ you are at sleep (the only condition is your PC should be running).
5. Extra reward as you go up with the site.
6. Earn from offer-walls.
7. Earn from referrals.
8. Earn by promoting the site.
9. Earn by Mining (This is not recommended on this site, if you want to mine CryptoTab is the most profitable free mining tool).

Payment Status: Not paying any more
Site Status: Turned Scam
Site status turned to because they do not pay to free members anymore.
Payment Methods: PayPal / Payeer / Bitcoin
Min Payout: Raised to $5 for free users
Earning Options: Auto surf, Offerwalls, More
Language: English

Register an account by clicking here you would see a home page like the image below
Click on the Red button "Start Mining Cash" either from the middle of the home page or from the left panel. A new window will open with a timer bar that will change every minute. Do not close that newly open window and you will get paid for every minute.
Here is a sample of new window with timer (progress bar)
More Earning Ways: There are also some other ways to earn money on this site. Take a look at the top of the home page there are some buttons like. Tasks, Jobs and More.
In the Tasks section there are the offerwalls you can complete any of the offer to get the reward.
In the Jobs section there are some tasks about promoting the site. You can complete any of the task suitable to you.
In the More section there is reward section you can view and claim the reward according to your spending time on the site. (Spending time means the time when you leave this site's tab open). There are other ways too to earn on the site like lottry contest, referral contest and mining etc. If you want to mine bitcoin there is a site named CryptoTab that is the most profitable free mining tool as I suggested earlier.
Check out the reward section below.

Payment Proofs:
Now here is the time to show you some payment proofs so that you actually feel comfertable for using this site. So check out some of the payment proofs below.

Another payment proof:

I recommend you to join the site because it gives effortless income and is actually paying as you can see the payment proofs above. So must join by the links above and enjoy free earnings :).


  1. Very Good Description, thanks :)

  2. Superb Site and superb article.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I contacted to the admin of Cashmining site two days before, he said I'm working on it. Now he has enabled the PayPal option but Payeer still not available.

  5. Also he raise the payout limit according to the membership.

  6. Imagine for a moment the reality of logging on to your email account and receiving cash from people all across the net. money making site

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  8. this site does not pay anymore, please don't waste your time by joining this.


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