review and step by step working with payment proofs Earner247 has made many changes in their site. New article with latest changes is available here is a Multi-coin faucet, you can claim Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, ZCash, Dogecoin, and some other currencies here. They offer 9 currencies at the moment and you can claim that nine currencies every zero(0) minute on daily bonus page and every ten (10) minutes on regular faucet page. They do not only offer faucet earning but also have some other method to earn as well. Let's take a look at the features they provide.

Last updated: The post last updated on June 14.

=> Free to use for everyone so register free by clicking here
=> Earn more than 2000 Bitcoin satoshi every day.
=> No minimum withdrawal limit. Earn any thing and get withdrawal in FaucetHub account.
=> Claim more than 30 satoshi every zero minute on daily bonus page.
=> Earn nine (9) different currencies every 10 minutes.
=> Increase in faucet claim by 1% every day, max 30%.
=> Earn by PTC (paid to click) Ads
=> Earn by 75 daily claims named as Daily Bonuses.
=> Weekly Bonuses upto 75% of your faucet claims (only if you are in top three).
=> Earn by simple Games.
=> Earn by Miner, if you are interested in mining free bitcoin Cryptotab Browser is the best option for mining. Click here for more detail about it on how it works.

How it work?:
Click on here and register with your information. After that they will take you to the user's home page, if not login and you will see a user home page like this.

This is a faucet page you can see all 9 faucets here and you can claim any currency by clicking on the button saying "Ready to claim" i.e. for bitcoin it would be Bitcoin Faucet: Ready to claim. But before you claim you have to set wallet address of the the currency you want to claim. So click on you username from top right corner and click wallets
And a page will open with input fields to input all or any of your wallet address/addresses and click on the update button at the bottom of the page to save you wallet addresses. If you do not add wallet addresses this way system will ask you to add when you click on any faucet claim button.
As You can see there are different Tabs like Faucets, PTC, Games, Bonuses, Miner etc. The most benificial is in the bonuses section. It have three categories
=> Daily Bonus: You can earn Currency of you choice for 75 times daily. You can claim multipule currencies too if you want. When you click on it a page will open like this. This page has instructions how it works, Let me explain a bit. Click on any the currency's button like Bitcoin (multiplier x1.4) : 36 sat/visit (accoding to currency rate) it will take you to the short-link site. Solve captcha wait for a specified number of second and click on Get Link button. When you click on Get Link button it will redirect you to this site again ( and the specified amount of satoshi will be added you your account.
Loyalty Bonus: This bonus increase your faucet claim earning by 1% every day if you visit the site every day (without interval). Max 30%.
Weekly Bonus: This is for those who are at top three. You can get upto 75% of you faucet claim amount if you are in top three in current week.
Faucets: The very first tab from left is faucets, click on that and you will see all nine currencies with current claim rate. Click on any currency complete short-link (complete captchsa, wait for specific time) and amount will be added to your account.
PTC: In PTC section click on "view ads" and there will be available adds. They may be Zero or twenty or any number accrding to your country and availbility of ads.
User Tab: The user tab is the most important one because there is all the settings, withdrawal optoins and referral stats. Click on Withdraw menu and click on the currency you have earned solve captcha and your amount will be sent to your FaucetHub account.
Others: You can also explore Games, Miner and other options if you like.

Payment Proofs:
Now its time to show you some payment proofs so that you will get comfert that you gonna get the reward of your time. So check out some of the payment proofs below. Note that I mostly used to get bitcoin from this so other currency may be seem its low. If you invest time you can get high amount of other currencies too.
And Dogecoin payment

Conclusion: This site is a Legit Site that pay high amount of coins in multiple currencies. It always paid me, So I recommend you to join this site.


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