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Brief Introduction:
LarvelFaucet is one of the highest paying multicoin faucet. You can earn around 3000 bitcoin satoshi daily without any referal. For more information about this site continue reading.

Last updated: The post last updated on 7 Feb

Payment Status: Paying / Trusted
Site Status: Legit
Average Earning: 3000 satoshi daily
Payment Methods: FaucetHub
Min Payout: No minimun payout, withdraw at any time
Per click: 12 satoshi to 50 satoshi
Earning Options: View ads, Short-links
Language: English

1. Free for every one.
2. High earnings
3. Simple and clean
4. Instant Payments

Before going into detail working of the site check out the resources below these are required to earn from this site.
1. Wallet Address: if you don't have one, get it from here or here.
2. FaucetHub Account: if you don't have one, create for free here.
Now you are ready to earn bitcoin from this site. So join it by clicking Larvel Faucet. After you have joined and logged in you will see the main page with the button "Earn Tokens" and "claim your token now". Before start earning you have to set wallet address/es. To set up wallets click on the user menu from the top right corner and select "Profile". On that page enter your wallet address and save.

These wallets should be the same as on your FaucetHub account. If you need any help on setting up your wallets in faucetHub, check out this article. Once you have set up the wallet addresses click on the "Earn Tokens" button or "claim your token now" button and it will take you to the earning page which will look something like this.

These ads are the short-links, click on any of the ads and solve the captcha, the reward will be added to your account. You are free to withdraw it even after viewing one ad or claim other ads and withdraw at the end. You may have noticed that the ads page have a note which is "Some short-links are set after few minutes to few hours" so you can visit the page again after some time to earn more if you have viewed all the ads.
Now let me explain the process of withdrawal. You can go to the withdrawal page either by clicking on the user menu from the top right corner and then selecting "Withdraw" or by clicking on the coins icon in the middle of "Earn Tokens" button and user menu. On the withdrawal page select any currency in which you want to withdraw and select the withdraw button.
Thats it, you will get the selected coins i.e. bitcoin instantly to your FaucetHub account. You can check out your FaucetHub account for confirmation.

Payment Proofs:
Now its time show you some payment proofs so here are some of my withdrawals to FaucetHub Account. I will also post payment proof video in coming days here

I will highly recommend joining this site if you have not joined it yet because its a Legit site and pay very high amount instantly you the FaucetHub Wallets.
Let me know your view in the comment section below. Happy earning :)

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