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Brief Introduction:
Freebcc is one of the highest paying sites. It is a multi-coin site with PTC ad and shortlink services. You can withdraw to any currency of your choice. earn about 4000 satoshis every day for free.

Last updated: The post last updated on June 10

Change Note: The site adjust the ad value with respect to the current BTC to USD price. So, If the BTC price goes high the reward in Satoshi will be low & if the BTC price goes down the reward in Satoshi will be high. But Ad value in the US dollar will remain almost the same.

Payment Status: Paying
Site Status: Legit / Trusted
Average Earning: $0.05-$0.15 equavelent of bitcoin satoshi daily.
Payment Methods: With in 8 different coins i.e. BTC, ETH, Doge LTC to your FaucetHub account
Min Payout: No minimun payout, withdraw at any time
Per click: Depend on current BTC to USD price
Earning Options: Shortlinks, View ads, offerwall ($0.0017 per offerwall task of 1 minute)
Language: English

1. Free for every one to use it.
2. Multicoin supported
3. Earn 10 to 50 satoshi per claim depending on current BTC to USD price
4. No minimum, withdraw any time
5. High paying shortlink, PTC ads
5. User friendly design

You are required to have following things to work on this site, check out the resources below.
1. FaucetHub Account: if you don't have FaucetHub Account, create a free account by clicking here. Need help on setting up FaucetHub Account? Check detail article here
2. Wallet Address/es: If you don't have wallet address/es, get from here or here. You should configure wallet address/es on your FaucetHub Account first

Now lets move on to the working of this site. Join the site by clicking enter your details (username, email, password) and hit register. After you have successfuly joined and logged in you will see the main page like below.

Before you start earning its recommended to set wallet address/es but its not necessary, you can also set them later at the time of withdrawal. To set up wallets click on the "WALLET ADDRESSES" from "ACCOUNT" menu. On that page enter your wallet address and save them. Check out the image below.

For earning from PTC, click claim next to "FEATURED" Tokens and for earning from shortlinks, click claim next to "LINKS" Token. You can click these from three places.
1. From the menu bar at the top. "LINKS" & "FEATURED"
2. From the user menu on the right-hand side of the screen. click claim
3. From the menu at the bottom under the Website section. "EARN TOKENS" & "FEATURED"
Higher the ad claim amount, higher the bitcoin reward. Claim any of the categories and withdraw to FaucetHub Account.

How to withdraw?: Now let's take a look at how you can withdraw your earned balance in any coin of your choice. You can withdraw to any of the ten (10) coins supported by the site including bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. Click on the Withdraw link from the user's menu to go to withdraw page. Check out the image below.

Now you will see the withdrawal page like below. Select your desired currency and click on button below the Currencies Boxes. You will get your balance in your FaucetHub Account within 48 hours, normally in 1 hour.

In short this site is one of the legit sites paying every time withing specified period of time 48 hours. I would recommend you to join this.

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Full video about site's working:
Soon, I will make a detailed video (listing the working of this site how to withdraw & payment proofs).

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