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Brief Introduction:
In this article we will review in detail the site Satoshi Queen and check out that its a legit site or scam. This is an advertizement site where a user can earn money by viewing ads and advertizers can get traffic to their site/s.

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Facts & Freatures:
Payment Status: Paying
Site Status: Good
Average Earning: 500-1200 Satoshi daily
Payment Methods: FaucetHub
Min Payout: No Minimun payout amount
Per click: 15-80 Satoshi as free member
Earning Options: View ads, Rent Referral, invite friends & other users
Language: English
Free/Paid: Free to use for every one.

You are required to have following things to work on this site, check out the resources below.
1. FaucetHub Account: if you don't have FaucetHub Account, create a free account by clicking here. Need help on setting up FaucetHub Account? Check detail article here
2. Wallet Address/es: If you don't have wallet address/es, get from here or here. You should configure wallet address/es on your FaucetHub Account first

First register an account on the site by clicking on the Satoshi Queen here. After you login, you will see a home page like the below image. I have highlighted some point to better understand the site.

You can view ads by clicking "Surf Ads" from the top of the page or from the "Account Stats" area (check the image above for better understanding). When you will click on "Surf Ads it will take you to a page where there are listed some ads with there reward & timer. Click on any ad, view the ads for specific time click/solve image captcha and the reward will be added to your account. Besides viewing ads you can also rent referrals or invite other users to earn more Satoshis. You can withdraw even after viewing 1 ad to your FaucetHub Account. The first payment is immediate But there is a limitation for the subsequent payment, you can only withdraw once every week. So if you have withdrawn today, you have to wait 7 days to withdraw again.

Payment Proofs:
This is a new site, I made my first withdrawal srceenshot of which is given below. Click the image to zoom

If you are looking to earn some Satoshi with 5 to 10 minutes of work this site is for you. By the site structure it's looking great you should join this to earn some Bitcoin Satoshis.

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