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This article is about the review of review. We will see if legit or scam site. Further detail can be seen below

Fast Cash Mining - Earn money from home!

Last updated: The post last updated on June 9

Change Note: Do not pay to Free members anymore

Payment Status: Do not pay anymore to free members
Site Status: Scam - I have not purchased VIP Membership so I can't tell you about paid membership.
Average Earning: $0.00015 - $0.0003 per minute
Language: English

Details: As a user have to purchase paid membership in order to withdraw which was not the restriction when the site started functioning so I assume that its a scam that is going to get the amount from you. If you still think it seems promising you can try it on your own risk.

A site that wants a user to pay first and then after a month or so he will get paid is mostly a scam scheme. So I recommend to stay away from this kind of sites as sooner or later it will turn to scam.

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Full video about site's working:
As this site do not pay to free members and paid membership is risky, So I may not make a video about its working.

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