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Brief Introduction:
Hello guys, As you may already know that FaucetHub has closed its micro-wallet services and does not work as it was working before Dec 10, 2019. So, this short article is about the alternatives of FaucetHub. You can switch to these alternatives to continue claiming from faucets and other crypto-related sites.

Last updated: The post last updated on Dec 23, 2019

Change Note: has stop working as a micro-wallet service.

There are four faucethub alternatives currently available at the time and those are as below.


ExpressCrypto is almost similar to FaucetHub with respect to functionality But with more coins. And insread of configuring many wallets on faucet sites you just have to provide them your unique id exampe is EC-UserId-2654. This micro-wallet is being widely adapted by the users since the closing process of FaucetHub.
This service also has its own machenism of earning like offerwalls, faucets, shortlinks. They also have level up system and reward you on every level.


KsWallet is also a new product as a micro-wallet and has similar functionalities to FaucetHub and ExpressCrypto It has even more coin options than ExpressCrypto But this service has high deposit and withdrawal limits so its not as widely accepted as ExpressCrypto is.

Coinbase: is a very old and trusted wallet service with lots of coins. It shows the prices and values in your local currency. User to user funds transfer is free on this service. Its has highest number of users amoung all listed above and faucetHub.


FaucetPay is also a new product as a micro-wallet service and has similar functionalities to FaucetHub. FaucetPay has a very low fee for crypto withdrawal that make it a good option to choose because everyone want to loose at little as possible. Currently it has four coins (BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE) may it support more coins in future.

The above all services are similar and alternatives to each other. All have withdrawal fees and deposit fees except Coinbase as Coinbase only charge to withdraw but do not charge anything on deposit, a user to user fund transfer is also free on coinsbase. Now these all services are trusted you can join them all or any of them which you like the most.

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