cs506 assignment 3 web design and development vu course

Brief Introduction:
This article will guide you through steps on how to complete cs506 assignment 3 which is Java Web Design and Development. The assignment is to make a shopping cart application using java (servlets and html). Below are detailed steps to make and submit your assignment without marks deduction. You can submit the assignment till 11:59 PM on 18-Jan-2020 because there is an extra relaxation day for all assignments. A video is also available at the end of this article.

Folder Structure/Hierarchy: ShoppingCart (main foler/outter most)
........src (contains files & folders before build
........target (contains files & folders after build)

..................java - (contain all java files including Servlets i.e. LoginServlet or Product class)
..................webapp - (contain front-end files i.e. login.html, info.html) also include assets folder which has database file
............target - (it has all the files mentioned in main folder inside ShoppingCart-1.0-SNAPSHOT) Now you are familiar with folder structure so you can better navigate to make changes. Make the following changes so that you get maximum marks. if you will not do the following changes you may get zero marks on the term of copy-paste.
Open index.html
.....Change the title on line 4
.....Change roll number(student id) on line 33
.....Scroll down to the end, change the button background color (currently it's red)(5th and 6th line from the bottom)(it's optional)
Open info.html
.....Change the title on line 4
.....Scroll down to the end, change your information (student id, name, email)
Open LoginServlet.java
.....Change rollNo on line 21
Open ShoppingCartServlet.java
.....Change dbFilPath according to your Student id on line 28
.....you can change the button background color on line 118 (it's optional)
Open CheckoutServlet.java
.....you can change the button background color on line 85 (it's optional)
Open assets folder and change database file name according to your Student id Both in src and target folders. source code link is below

Source Code:
Source Code File, Click to download

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