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Hi there! You are looking for the best ways to earn money on the internet, right? so you are in the right place to learn how to earn online. Continue reading...

I'm going to discuss here the best ways how you can earn money online lets start.

Tip: This page is being updated regularly so keep visiting this page for new sources of eaning.


You will need
1. An Internet connection
2. A Device having internet facility.
3. A bit of free time.

Note: If you do not know about crypto-currency, how to get a wallet, how it works than first take a look at this blog.

Earing in Crypto-Currency:
Crypto-Currency is a kind of digital currency that has no physical existence but you can convert it for the real money. Nowadays this is one of the most popular currencies in the world. You can experience its value by taking a look at Bitcoin's price which is in several hundred dollars.

There are many sites where you can accumulate eaning from a number of different sites like Faucet Hub and Coin Pot. You can set up accounts on these sites using the links below in seconds.
FaucetHub = http://faucethub.io
CoinPot = https://coinpot.co

Tip: Everyone looks at something in his own perspective so a thing best for one person may not be best for other, Join all keep your focus on what suits you best :).
  • Ad BTC: You can earn more than 500 Bitcoin satoshi daily on this site. With the referral system you can earn even more. Join by clicking here
  • Swift Mining:  A high paying free mining site that allows mining in 8 different currencies. So join to start mining, sit back and watch your earnings grow.  Join here                                          They allow browser mining and even console mining which is 30 times faster than browser mining.
  • All Coins: Highly recommended site allowing PTC claim, faucet claim (manual & auto faucet claim) and mining feature. Join by clicking here
  • K Mine: Claim 150 ethereum satoshi every 0 minutes (means claim satoshi refresh page claim again. Join by clicking here
  • MultiCoin Faucet: A high paying site support muli-coin earning. You can claim all available coins every five minutes. Join by clicking on the links below.
    For Bitcoins click here
    For Bitcoin Cash click here
    For Dash Coins click here
    For Dogecoins click here
    For Litecoins click here 
  • Free Bitcoin: Claim up to $200 every hour. Multiply your coins playing Hi-Lo game, Win Hi-Lo jackpot, 50% referral commision. Join by clicking here
  • Free Dogecoin: Win up to @150 every hour. Multiply your coins playing Hi-Lo game, Win Hi-Lo jackpot, 50% referral commision. Join by clicking here
  • Bitco Life: Earn More than 150 Bitcoin Cash satoshi every 0 minutes. Join by clicking here
  • Bit Fun: A very neat site for claiming bitcoin. Moon BitcoinMoon Dash coinMoon LitecoinMoon DogecoinMonn Bitcoin Cash are the sister sites of Bit Fun. These six sites send every claim directly to CoinPot account. They have up to 100% mystery bonus, up to 100% daily bonus and referral bonus (Moon Bitcoin & Bit Fun pay 50% and other pay 25%). Join Bit Fun by clicking here and join other sites by clicking their names above.
  • Auto Claim: A very nice and clean also easy to use muli-coin site where you can claim every 0 minutes. they have three different ways 1. Auto claim, 2. Level up, Manual claim. Join using the links below. 
    For Bitcoins click here
    For Bitcoin Cash click here
    For Dash Coins click here
    For Dogecoins click here
    For Litecoins click here
  • For Ethereum click here 
  • Cointiply: Many ways to earn including faucet, PTC, offers, mining, Games, Videos.
  • Premium Faucet Network: A very good and high paying site for earning 14 different currencies. Join using the following links
    Bitcoin | Litecoin | Dogecoin | Dash Coin | Pot Coin | Prime Coin | Peer Coin | Black Coin | Z-Cash | Bitcoin Cash and Monero Coin
  • Best Bitcoin Faucet: A high Paying Multi-coin site allowing 10 currencies. Join using the links below.
    Litecoin | Dogecoin | Bitcoin | Black Coin | Bitcoin Cash | Dash Coin | Peer Coin | Pot Coin and Prime Coin
  • Wow Faucet A Decent Faucet and PTC site, Join here
If you want to join some more sites:


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