Introduction to Crypto-Currencies

Crypto-currency is a decentralized system which is consisted of distributed ledgers. In simple words, it's not in one's hand, but a number of systems perform the calculation to regulate this. Unlike hard money (Notes and coins) it has no physical existence, it's a soft money, But you can trade this soft money to buy a physical thing or can exchange this for real physical money. Nowadays, there are a bunch of currencies exist and Bitcoin is at the top.

Some Well-known crypto-currencies:
1. Bitcoin
2. Bitcoin Cash
3. Ethereum
4. Dash
5. ZCash
6. Monero
7. Litecoin
8. Dogecoin

In the crypto-currency system, every currency is like a type of bank account. A wallet is the initials of that account as you have an account number in the traditional banking system. This is the key for any transaction in the system.

How to Get Wallet Address:
There a number of sites that offer professional wallet services over the internet. Coin Pot and  Free Wallet are one of those. Create an account their click on Deposit/Receive and you would get a wallet address of the respective currency.

Crypto Mining: 
Crypto-currency mining is a process where you let the crypto-system use your power for processing transactions. So this way anyone can take part in processing transactions which prove the decentralized crypto-system.
Mining process needs physical instruments you can buy one or use one of the hundreds and thousands of sites that offer cloud mining. You just have to purchase a package and they would do the rest for you with their servers.
There are some online services that allow free mining. Swift Mining is the best of those, it allows browser mining and console mining (console mining is 10 times more profitable). It requires Faucet Hub account.

How to Earn Crypto-currency for Free:
For free earning detail click  , you can earn in different ways like.
1. Mining
2. Claim from Faucets
3. Trading etc.

What is Faucet:
A Faucet is a thing from where something flows like a water faucet from where water flows and we get water for daily use. Thus crypto-faucet is a thing or a script of code that allows getting some coins/currencies.

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